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artykulCavitation behaviours of low specyfic speed pump impellers designed according to the "tight inlet" rule.

Artykuł ukazał się w magazynie Central European Journal of Engineering. Autorami publikacji są dr inż. Andrzej Misiewicz (Energom) i dr inż. Janusz Skrzypacz (PWr).
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Cavitation is well-known phenomenon which occurs in the pump and may lead to the pump damage. Thus it is very important to predict cavitation parameters, during the design of the pomp elements. There are a lot of methods to estimate cavitation factor of the pump, but these methods are true only for elements designed in the "standard way" consisted algorithms, commonly known from the literature.
This project shows the influence of large angles of the inlet of impeller on the pump cavitation performance. The cavitations characteristics were determined experimentally during the test. The cavitation factor was determined in analytical approaches. The common analytical formulas described in the professional literature were examined and the numerical methods were applied (with and without two — phases model).
The analytical results were compared with the results from the performed experiment. In this paper, the best method to determine cavitation factor for non-standard impeller geometry was proposed.